Liverpool is a place that I love and hate. By this is mean, when I lived there for university I disliked the city (I am not sure why, maybe it was missing my family), but when I went home to Norwich, I always missed it. These are my favourite places I visited in Liverpool: 
1. The docks
A very easy and accessible place to get to by walking, using the underground or by bus. Across the road is all the shopping centres so its really easy to take a visit. Whilst walking alongside the docks you will find a few museums which are free to roam around, you can ride the River Mersey (a cheap ferry), see the Royal Liver building and attend any events that maybe occuring (the large ship event, christmas markets + ice rink, wine festivals and fun fairs). 
2. The Cathedrals
The Anglian Cathedral is the big red cathedral which is free to roam around and for a small charge you can go up the tower and get a birds eye view of Liverpool.  The first photograph I have added is the Anglian Cathedral, its a historically old building which is fantastic. The second photograph shows a birds eye view of Liverpool from the top of the tower. In the photograph you can see a small white dome building (thats the other cathedral, I do not have any photographs unfortunately). The other cathedral is a bit odd, it does not look like a traditional cathedral as its a circular metal building with a pointed top and lots of stained glass.
3. Crosby Beach
Crosby beach is about 20 minutes out of Liverpool by train (going from Liverpool Central) and is a hot spot for tourists! This is mainly because of the art work called ‘Another place’. Antony Gormley created about 100 sculptures of himself and they are now permanently dotted around the beach. 
4. Formby Beach
Formby beach is also very touristy and is about 30-40 minutes out of Liverpool (also going from Liverpool central). They have a national trust area (woodland and then garssland) just before the beach which is home to wild red squirrels. I went there a few times to photograph the red squirrels.  
5. Sefton Park
Sefton park was one of my favourite places to go to because it was a large park with a cafe, small shops, statues/monuments, various ponds with tones of ducks, geese and swans (if you are a bird person, this is a big hit!)


6. Nearby things
I highly recommend Chester Zoo – to make it cheaper, book online!! Also they do things like unlimited drinks for abut £9 (which is great for people like me because I refill them like 5 times, also useful for sharing). 125 acre zoo which houses lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, painted dogs, rhinos, giraffes, zebras etc etc.  If you like shopping then Cheshire oaks is for you, full of shopping outlets, cinemas, mini golf, bowling and restaurants.