One week in Ibiza

We stayed in Ibiza for a week. It was a family holiday with young children so we did not manage to to the more adventurous activities but we managed to get a few family activities in!

This year we decided to go all inclusive because it turns out we drink a lot! The hotel we stayed at was incredible with food and drinks. There was a bar outside by the pools so we could get drinks whenever we wanted along with sandwiches, ice creams and snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner never disappointed: each day was a different food theme ranging from different food cultures and even with a young one, no one was ever left hungry.

we were lucky and picked quite a central hotel which did not have much party go-ers which is great with a child!! Activities close to our hotel included:

1) An aquarium. This was not just any aquarium but a rehabilitation centre for injured and poorly marine life. It was cheap (about 5 euros), you could pay extra if you wanted to feed the fish aswell. This aquarium being a rehabilitation centre for marine life is not the only cool thing about this place, it was situated in a cave! Now that is mega cool. 



3) Over the road from our hotel was a small shop which sold most essential items which was mega handy. If they did not have what you need then there was a massive supermarket 10 minutes down the road. Along the road towards the supermarket was a small town which had many restaurants and shops.

4) Amazing sunsets!


5) 5 minutes down the road was a beach so it was very close and local. Not many people lived around this area so it was filled with tourists, but not too many as a lot of people like to relax by the hotels pool.

6) If like me you like to adventure away from the hotel then you can do! There is so much to do. We walked around 20 minutes to get to the closest port which had hundreds of boats going anyways. We decided to take a glass bottom boat out for a tour of the island. It was very kid friendly, with a photographer on board, a face- painter including free drinks and snacks! It was a full day trip (included a hour or so stop to a deserted and clear watered beach).

7) On Wednesdays they have a hippy market which has been running for years! its massive and everything is very close together but it had incredible items for sale plus you could get dressed up!