Edinburgh is one of my favourite places to visit, I have been three times so far! I plan on going more, aswell as, other parts of Scotland. I went to a few places when I visited so here are some suggestions:
1. Edinburgh Castle
There is a charge to get into the castle but its massive and you can see so much of it! The first time I went to Edinburgh we did go inside the castle, its massive and so impressive! also there was a photographer to take your photograph when we go inside (nice touch for the memories).  In my latest visit to Edinurgh (February 2018, for a friends birthday), we did not go inside the castle because it seemed extremely busy but we looked at it from the outside. It is certainly not hard to miss  with it being in the centre of the shops and on a massive hill. As you can see from the photograph the castle is on a massive rocky hill with some gardens underneath it.


2. Arthurs Seat
An ancient volcano that sits not far from the royal mile. Don’t worry it can not erupt!! It takes about 30-45 minutes to climb (more for me as i like to stop and take in the views) and when you get to the top, you get incredible views over the city. A complete 360 degree viewing. I was buzzing because there was a small pond at the bottom with tones of ducks, geese and swans where I sat and eat an ice cream from the van sitting at the bottom of the volcano.


3. Edinburgh Zoo
This is a all time favourite for me! Not my favourite zoo but it is great! plus where else in the UK has giant pandas and koala bears? It is a great day out, a whole day out but remember to bring a fitbit because its a lot of hills and a lot of walking. When you get to the top of the zoo, there is a view point so you can get a good view of Edinburgh.
4. Other sightseeing areas
There are loads of buses which can take you almost anywhere. I have taken buses to aquariums, beaches and other site seeing areas like Calton hill. Near to the castle was an illusion place which was mega cool! You can do your shopping here and in the evening there is tones to do. Almost all bars do food and play live music. If you can, I would highly recommend going when their festival is on during August because the royal mile is covered in musicians, dancers, actors, painters and comedians during the day with concerts and a parade during the afternoon and evening.