Pilannesberg National Park

Pilannesberg National Park


Staying in Pilannesberg was probably one of best highlights of my trip to South Africa and I only stayed there for one night! So why did I go? Me and a friend had spoke about going skydiving for months and I was leaving soon so we made some plans. Because we both love nature we didn’t want to stay in an ordinary hotel so we looked at national parks. My friend had wanted to stay there for while because brown hyenas are mean’t to be commonly seen and I was kind of up for anywhere with animals. So why was it so great? 

1. We paid R1100 (around £70) pppn. This was a tented accommodation with 2 single beds, some draws and a little patio. The price included a morning and evening game drive, breakfast and a hot buffet dinner.

2. We had resident habituated animals living close by (Zebra, Impala, Warthogs, Vervet Monkeys and Banded Mongoose). When we were not on game drives, we had a look around camp and got some lunch. I was surprised to see these animals freely moving around the camp, surprised but happy!

3. We only stayed one night, I do not know if we got lucky or whether this was common for this park but we saw so many species of animals. We saw: 3 young male cheetahs, a pride of lions + cubs, black rhino, white rhino, elephants, owls, fishing eagle, zebra, giraffe, mongoose, vervet monkeys, warthogs and impala. 

5. You can do adventure sports like skydiving, which are close by! This was the whole point of our trip, we stayed here overnight so we could go skydiving in the morning. I don’t think we could have made nay better choices. Skydiving was absolutely incredible, I would recommend it to anyone. 

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6. Not only is it in an amazingly beautiful country, there are tones of national parks, historical sites/buildings/artifacts, driving scenery routes you can travel, but one of the main highlights is that the people are very friendly.