Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC)

Winter Work! (December 2017)

Whilst being at university, me and my friend Ashleigh decided to volunteer with the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust on the Sefton Coast. They do work with natterjack toads, sand lizards and tiger beetles as part of the back from the brink project.

We only ended up going to one session because of final year university deadlines and then getting paid work but we loved it!

We got the train and then walked to the volunteering site where we were welcomed by two lovely staff members. We went through some paperwork and health and safety before we started our day! we arrived for around 10am, had lunch around 1pm and then finished around 3pm. We spent the day removing an invasive tree species in the hope that in spring/summer sand lizards would use this area to breed like before. Sand lizards used to be abundant in the area but since other plant species has been growing, the area has not been suitable for them. It was hard work and you really had to put your back into it!! On this day there was about 5 of us working in the snow to get as much as the tree out by its roots as possible and this was the outcome…