Easton College, UK

Companion animals, farm animals and reptiles! (March 2017 – August 2017)
This was my second placement of my university placement year and its quite a change from the first! At this point of my degree I was not sure on what I actually wanted to do or what animals to work with so I used my placement year to experiment with this. Everyone else done the one placement whilst I took advantage with two.
This was based at Easton College in Norwich which is where I done my BTEC qualifications before university, it is also in my home town to save me on costs. When attending my placement it was within the animal care centre which housed all kinds of animals such as: Birds, Reptiles (king snakes, boa’s, pythons, geckos, lizards, iguana’s etc), Farm animals (goats, alpacas etc), Companion animals (hamsters, guinea-pigs, rabbits, degu’s etc) and Fish. It was quite basic in daily tasks which involved giving fresh food to all animals, giving fresh water to all animals and rota cleaning out enclosures. Other activities included assisting with medication, training of the goats (walk on a lead), walking the alpacas, grooming the rabbits, assisting examinations and class visits.